Coronavirus & Marketing

Coronavirus has changed so much of our everyday lives. Yet, it still has created a unique opportunity to push online marketing tactics. With more eyes turning to computers for virtual work, virtual school and classes, this is the perfect time for online marketing. Actually, online marketing could be considered at an all time high! Think about it, e-commerce is going up. More online shopping is taking place whether it’s for weekly groceries or for cosmetic purposes. So, why not fill this mini marketing space, with your business advertisements and business strategies. According to this business article on Forbes, it’s safe … Continue reading Coronavirus & Marketing

3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020

1. Define your objectives Defining your objectives helps eliminate outliers that should not be apart of your strategy.  It helps you remain focus and more targeted. Some examples of objectives could be as simple as, would you like to enhance your customer services, build your brand or generate stronger leads.  Consider defining your objective the crucial part of your B2B Marketing Strategy. When you set aside time to clearly define these, you can save yourself TONS of time. Who doesn’t like to save time? 2. Define & Identify Your Target Audience So, you don’t want to be “randomly” marketing on … Continue reading 3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020